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Ways We Can Help Your School:

Pick Up & Drop Off

If you have school instruments that are in need of repair, give us a call and let us know.  Most of the time we can pickup the very next day.   We don't do weekly scheduled pop-ins because it interrupts your teaching and break time, but as soon as you let us know you have something that needs to be repairs...we will be there for you!

School Inventory

New teacher to a school OR a veteran teacher who has no idea of what instruments you have or what it would cost to get fixed?   Let us help.   Together, we can inventory all the instruments in your program and give give repair estimates at the same time!  You can then decide what is worth keeping and fixing for your program.

Master Classes

Master Classes are always fun for the students.  Bring us in to teach a lesson on how to clean & maintain their instruments!  Many teachers choose to take advantage of this before a school break (winter break), giving time for the students to clean it during the break, and then graded when they get back to school.

Rental Nights

If your school is hosting a Rental Night, let us know.  We can bring rental instruments, used instruments for purchase, and method books & supplies you require students to have.   Your school or parents can get $40 credit per person per rental show to be used at our store for repairs, towards instruments or for accessories.

Repair Credit

We know every school has a back closet filled with instruments that aren't needed or not worth fixing up.  Wouldn't you like to reclaim that space!  You can trade in those instruments and get repair credit that you can use towards repairing the instruments you need....or use it to buy accessories for your program. 

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