Frequently Asked Questions

What Payments Do You Accept?

We prefer cash, but also accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover. For larger instrument purchases we offer a Lay-Away plan of 1/3 down payment and then pay off the rest over the next two months.

How Much Is it to Repair My Instrument?

Bring your instrument into our shop for a free estimate. This way we can get you an accurate quote for the repair. Unfortunately without seeing the horn, it is near impossible to let you know how much it will be.

How Long Will a Repair Take?

When you bring your instrument in for a free estimate on repairs needed, we can let you know the turn around time. The turn around time depends on how much repair the instrument needs, if we need to order parts, time of year, etc. (August will always be busier than middle of February or June) Many repairs can be finished within a weeks time.

Do You Buy Instruments?

Currently we are not buying any instruments. We recommend checking back in the summer to see if we are again buying. Bring your instrument into the store, we can evaluate the brand and it's condition and give you options for selling. We will let you know what we can give you in cash, what you can sell it for person-to-person (i.e. Craigslist), and options for Consignment if it is a professional level horn. Unfortunately we can't quote a purchase price over the phone.

How Often Should I Clean my Brass Instrument?

You should be giving your brass instrument a bath at home about once a month or every other month at the very least. If you are unsure how to care for your instrument, stop by the shop and we would be happy to show you or find the PDF under the Instrument Care area of this website for a print out. In addition to the at-home baths, your brass instrument should come in for a professional cleaning every year for high school students and professional players (people who practice and play a lot), and every other year for beginning students. Professional cleanings will get all the gunk from the horn, will regrease everything, replace waterkey corks, and align pistons by replacing the felts that wear out over time.

When Should I Bring my Woodwind Instrument in for Repair?

Generally, woodwind instrument should be taken to the repair shop at least once a year for a normal 'tune-up' consisting of adjustment, key oiling, and replacing any worn pads. Flutes and oboes are more finiky and may see the repair shop two or more times a year for minor adjustments.