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Currently Hiring for the Following Positions:


Mission Statement:

We strive to create an environment that has integrity, provides quality repairs, and is fun.  Through civic involvement and treating our customers like family, we want to bring the joy of music to the people of our community.

If you are interested in working with us, click on the button to see further details about the position. 

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Repair Technician for Brass & Woodwind

Job Description

Rocky Mountain Music Repair is seeking an energetic, self-reliant, employee to assist with the maintenance and growth of our business.  Primary job functions include but are not limited to:

  • Repairs

    • Woodwind & Brass Repair Tech: PC, Repads, Solder, Dent Work, Alignments

    • Instrument Cleanings

    • Repair & refurbishment of RMMR stock horns, customer horns and rentals

    • Evaluate & estimate repair jobs


  • Clerical, and office assistance

    • Answering phones

    • Organization and maintenance of tech rooms

    • General shop cleaning & organization


  • Retail Sales Associate

    • Helping Customers with repair questions

    • Assisting with Sales of Instruments and Accessories when needed



Prior Qualifications and Knowledge

Applicant should have a knowledge of basic music needs for all instruments.  Prior experience in Music Education and Repair School is preferred but not required.  Applicant should be able to confidently recommend products to beginning students and parents, and should be knowledgeable enough to make good suggestions and be able to upsell sales.

  • Prior Customer Service experience is a must, and applicant must have a good demeanor and ability to interact with customers of all types.

  • Knowledge of different Social Media Platforms and Online sales sites is desired but can be taught as well.


Other Stuff to Know

  • Applicant will be working in proximity to minors, so a background check will need to be passed.

  • Rocky Mountain Music repair does not tolerate employees being under the influence of drugs while working.

  • You must be okay with working in an environment that contains a dog and an 11 year old.Our daughter comes to work every day and our dog comes fairly frequently, so let us know ahead of time if this is an issue.

  • There will be times of the year where additional hours outside the normal business times will be required. Most notably, during back to school season at rental nights.These times will be scheduled and discussed well in advance.Everyone in the company is expected to be understanding and flexible during these times of year that are so important to future growth.

  • Proper safety attire is required when working on the shop.We have a relaxed dress code: generally jeans, collared shirt (or RMMR shirt) & closed-toe shoes.Required attire must include closed toe shoes and clothing in presentable condition (clean, no holes, big stains, etc.)

  • Days & Hours of Job:

    • Monday – Friday 9:45am-6:15pm

    • Possibility for Saturday hours in the future.(example:Tuesday-Saturday10am-6pm)



RMMR is active on multiple media platforms (social media, print media, TV media, etc.) as we love to showcase new product, awesome repairs, and anything else music related.  By accepting a job at RMMR you agree to give consent to record, videotape and photograph your image and/or voice to be used in media/advertising settings.  There is no additional or special compensation and you may not be informed in advance of the specific use of the image.



We strive to provide a competitive and sustainable pay scale for our employees.  That being said, we are also a small business.  Compensation will be based upon skill & experience.  Compensation will be reviewed after 1 year of employment during yearly performance reviews.

  • We provide six (6) paid holidays per year.These holidays will count as an eight (8) hour work day based on hourly pay.These holidays are: New Year’s Day, The Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and either Christmas Eve or the day after Christmas depending on the calendar.Holidays will take effect immediately upon hire.

  • After 60 days of full-time employment, with an average of 37 hours a week, employee will be eligible to start taking vacation days.

    • 60 days to 1.99 years of employment:Five (5) days of vacation per year based on salary pay.

    • 2+ years:Ten (10) vacation days a year every subsequent year based on salary pay.

    • Vacation days will be reset at the anniversary date of employment, they can be rolled over with a cap of 15 days.

    • If employment ends, unused vacation days are paid out.

  • Sick Days

    • Employees earn one (1) hour of paid sick leave for every thirty (30) hours worked, not to exceed forty-eight (48) hours each year

    • Equate to six (6) day of sick pay per year. (on average, full-time employees would accrue a sick day about every 6 weeks)

    • If employment ends, unused sick days do not get paid out.

    • Sick day accrual starts on the first day of employment and will be reset each anniversary.

  • Colorado Secure Savings Program

    • Employees are automatically signed up for the retirement savings program, with the option to optout.

    • Roth IRA that is portable, stays tied to you and not your job so it stays with you.

    • Customize your contribution amounts

  • Vacations may not be taken between August 1st and September 30th without special permission from the employer.

  • Moving reimbursement.We will reimburse you up to $500 of eligible moving expenses, with submission of your receipts.

  • Employees receive their membership dues in NAPBIRT paid.



Offer of Employment

  • Hourly Rate:$23+ per hour, depending on experience and skill level.

  • Paydays are every Friday for the previous weeks work. Pay Checks can be picked up on Fridays or Direct Deposit can be set up upon request.

  • You will get a ½ hour break for lunch every day as required by law.

  • There will be a 60 Day Orientation period. At the end of this period we will meet and discuss strength and weaknesses and evaluate your future with the company.We don’t anticipate any problems but for both of our benefits, we want to make sure we are all happy before moving forward..

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