Richards Double Reeds have been made by Richard Rath for over thirty years.   As an active educator and performer, Mr. Rath is able to reflect the current trends of performance and instrument design, in the making of the Richards Reeds


  • American Scrape - Each reed uses the long (American) scrape to provide a dark, stable, and centered tone.
  • Handmade - Each reed is hand made & are made to a specific length and tested for pitch to A-440.
  • Responsive - Richards Reeds are made to have a more even response throughout the full range of the instrument.
  • Finest Materials - We use only the finest cane, which we hand shape. We use a standard 47mm tube.
  • New Shape - Our reeds use a shape that holds the upper register up, and allows the player to get a darker, more centered tone without biting.
  • Specialties - Oboe reeds are available with wire. This is preferred by many, for beginners. Wire allows the student (or teacher) to vary the tip opening, responding to temperature, season, and humidity

Richards Oboe Reed