NEW John Packer Piccolo Trumpet – Smith Watkins Collaboration

Model: JP254SWS

We carry the silver finish horn. You can order in lacquer or silver finish.


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The JP254SW is an ideal piccolo trumpet for an advanced player after a reliable and flexible instrument for semi-regular use. This instrument is at home in orchestras, chamber ensembles and solo settings.

Unique benefits

Designed in collaboration with Smith-Watkins.

The JP254SW comes with 4 different leadpipes (Trumpet and Cornet shanks in Bb and A) changing the sound of the instrument to allow for customization depending on the occasion.

The specially designed main leadpipe and monel piston valves offer improved playability and powerful sound, while the trigger on the 1st valve slide offers a tuning flexibility on some of the more difficult lower notes.


·  Model: JP254SW, JP254SWS

·  Key: Bb/A

·  Bell Size: High Grade Brass - 99mm (3.9")

·  Valves: Piston 4

·  Bore: Medium 11.43mm (0.450")

·  Waterkey: Lever 1

·  Body: High Grade Brass

·  Finish: Lacquer (JP254SW)

·  Finish: Silver Plated (JP254SWS)

·  Lyre Box: No

·  Mouthpiece: JP 5C Trumpet, JP4B Cornet

·  Leadpipe: Smith-Watkins design

·  Instrument Weight: 0.98Kg (2lb 3oz)

·  Weight with case: 2.86Kg (6lb 3oz)

NEW John Packer Piccolo Trumept


    2150 W. 6th Avenue,  Suite E

    Broomfield, CO 80020


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