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What to Use When Polishing a Silver Instrument

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

We constantly get the question, how can I polish my silver instrument? Well, here ya go!

We do recommend different types of polish and methods for different instruments. i.e. flutes are going to be very different than marching horns which are very different than vintage matte silver instruments.

Flutes, Silver Alto Saxes, Silver Trumpets- we love the Rio Grande silver polish cloths, just wipe down the flute, alto or trumpet with it and shines it right up! (Never use an aerosol or paste on flute, it will gum up and wreck the pads)

Silver Trumpets & Marching Brass - Haggerty's Silver Polish Spray is where it is at! Spray on the instrument, wait for it to dry (about 1 minute) and then take an old rag or t-shirt cut into strips and rag the instrument for a polished look. Generally a deep polish like this is great once a year (perfect before your first marching competition). This allows you to get in all the tiny crevices too! On trumpets, the Rio Grande polish cloths also work well for your normal weekly polish and wiping off of fingerprints.

Matte Silver Instruments - Vintage silver brass instruments with the matte finish only shines up with Baking Soda. While giving your instrument a bath, make up a paste of baking soda and water. Then use an old toothbrush and the paste to clean your instrument.

Rio Grande Polish Cloths can be purchased at our store, the Haggerty's Silver Polish Spray can be purchased at the Container Store, and regular Baking Soda from the grocery store.

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