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Should You Keep Renting an Instrument?

We hope that your musician is really enjoying playing in band/orchestra and plans to continue for many more years to come!  The holidays and end of school are the perfect times to re-evaluate whether you want to keep renting an instrument or if you would like to purchase one. 

There are a few options that you should keep aware of:

1.) Keep Renting.

Renting is really budget friendly month to month.  However, you will be paying full MSRP price by the time you reach the end of your rental term.  Below are some options that can save a lot of money.

2.) Purchase Rental Instrument for % off Remaining Balance.    

If your musician really likes playing and really likes the specific instrument you are renting, then you can always purchase it for a percentage of your remaining balance!   This is a great way to gain ownership of the instrument while saving a lot of money.  If down the road they decide that music is not for them, then you can resell the instrument and recoup some of your money.
Check with your rental company to inquire about their buyout rates, most companies will not tell you this upfront because they want you to keep renting for as long as possible. Most rental companies have between a 20%-45% buyout rate.
If you rent from Rocky Mountain Music Repair or through, then you can purchase your instrument for 50% of the remaining balance! If you want to know how much you can purchase the instrument for, call  Ralph at 877-569-0240.  You can also go to the Customer Account Manage link at the bottom of the website to look up how much you still owe, as well as execute the pay off.  

3.) Return Rental and Purchase a Used Instrument from Rocky Mountain Music Repair.

We have student and intermediate/professional model instruments that have been refurbished. Woodwind instruments include all new pads & corks and have been professionally adjusted. Brass instruments have been professionally cleaned, new corks & felts, and valves have been aligned.  All horns come with a 1-Year Warranty on pads, corks, felts and minor adjustments.  You can stop by anytime to take a look and try them out!  This link will take you to our website where we keep up-to-date on current instruments for sale.  If you don’t see what you want, ask us, we have LOTS more instruments just waiting to be fixed!  Instruments for Sale

4.) Return Rental and Purchase a Used Instrument 

If you are shopping for an instrument, take our handy brochure with you!  It outlines some basic things to look for in a used instrument and trusted brands we recommend.  We are also more than happy to inspect any instruments prior to purchase, that way you feel more comfortable with your investment. Used Instrument Brochure

5.) Upgrade Your Rental Instrument

If you know they will be playing in band/orchestra all the way through high school, chances are the music teacher will recommend that they upgrade to an intermediate/professional level instrument.  Why not upgrade their instrument starting this holiday or next school year?  You can still keep renting the upgraded instrument, or then purchase the upgraded one for 50% off!  Call Ralph at 877-569-0240 to inquire about upgrades.

Happy Playing!

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