Rental Night Fundraising


Rocky Mountain Music Repair needs help at Rental Shows this fall.  We need your help to talk about our rental program, help people navigate computers and assist with the signup process.; if you have ever done one before the whole process is quite simple and easy to teach.


We are offering $40 in repair credit to be applied to your personal account or school of choice for EACH PERSON that comes to each rental night.  We  are in need of about 3 to 8 people for each rental night.  Contact us soon, as it will be a first come, first served for claiming spots.


Training/Orientation Video

Before the first rental night, a training/orientation video will be emailed to you.  The short video will cover topics like: the rental system, how we set up, what is expected of you,

 answers to questions that will be asked of you, etc.   

This way you will be confident in helping kids get their first instrument!

For Questions or to Signup,

Call:   Deanna at 303-955-8064

Email:   (just email me your name, phone #, & availability)

2019 Rental Dates & Times:

August 21st:              Prospect Ridge Academy in Broomfield,             TBD

August 21st:              Prairie View Middle School in Brighton,              TBD

August 27th:             Arvada High School in Arvada,                               5-8pm

August 27th:             Standley Lake H.S. in Westminster                        5:30-8:30pm

August 27th:             Pomona High School in Arvada,                             3:00-6:30pm

August 27th:             Arvada West High School in Arvada,                     5:30-8:30pm

August 28th:             Overland Trail M.S. in Brighton                               5:00-8:00pm

August 28th:             Ralston Valley High School in Arvada,                  5:30-8:30pm

August 29th:             Vikan Middle School in Brighton,                           5:00-7:30pm

August 29th:             Westlake Middle School in Broomfield,                5:45-8pm


August 30th:            Stuart Middle School in Brighton,                           4:00-7:00pm

August 30th:            Broomfield Heights M.S. in Broomfield,                4:00-7:00pm

September 3rd:       Platt Middle School in Boulder,                               3:30-7pm

September 10th:     Holy Family High School in Broomfield,                 5:30-8pm

Instruments for Rent:

  • Piccolo Rental

  • Flute Rental

  • Clarinet Rental

  • Bass Clarinet Rental

  • Alto Sax Rental

  • Tenor Sax Rental

  • Oboe Rental

  • Trumpet Rental

  • Trombone Rental

  • French Horn Rental

  • Baritone Rental

  • Drum Kit Rental

  • Violin Rental

  • Viola Rental

  • Cello Rental

  • Guitar Rental