COVID-19 Updates and Store Hours


Updated: 4/16/21

Rocky Mountain Music Repair is currently

OPEN for normal hours

See Below for more Details

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3pm - 6pm(2).p


  • Curbside service or walk-ins are welcome

  • Curbside:

    • Call 303-955-8064 when you pull up and we will be glad to get/retrieve you instrument or supplies from your vehicle.

    • Pre-order for Easy Supplies or Instrument Pickup: 

      • If you need supplies,  you can easily visit our website store and view products and pay online.  Then during posted hours, park in front of our store, give us a call, and we will bring it to you!  Super Simple!!

      • We currently have a great stock of all supplies but keep in mind that all all of our distributors are on limited hours as well so special orders or restocking may be 2-3 weeks.

  • Walk-ins are welcome during posted open times:  Mon. through Fri.  10am to 6pm.

    • A mask must be worn if coming into the store.

    • Limit 2 households at a time inside

    • Please stay in the designated areas.   If you need supplies, please let us know and we can get it for you.  All the supplies are in view so you can easily see which one you need.

  • Thanks for your understanding.