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2150 W. 6th Ave.  Suite E   Broomfield, CO 80020                                                                 303-955-8064

Monday - Friday  10am-6pm


2150 W. 6th Avenue  Suite E

Broomfield, CO 80020

Renting an instrument is a great option for the student/player just starting out.  This allows the player the flexibility to determine if music and the chosen instrument is a right fit for them.  If not, then you can easily switch to another instrument or cancel the contract at anytime.   They  offer a 50% contract buy-out if you are interested in purchasing the instrument.  If any repairs are needed, we are authorized to service the instrument in-house.

Renting an instrument is Fast & Simple.    

Follow the link below to:

1. Select an Instrument

2. Choose a Brand & Condition

3. Ships FREE to your House in about 2-3 days!

Return an Instrument

An authorization number is required to return your instrument.  Please email sales@rentmyinstrument.com or call 877-569-0240 to obtain one and then click the following link:

Rent an Instrument Instruments for Rental at Rocky Mountain Music Repair - Broomfield, Colorado