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2150 W. 6th Ave.  Suite E   Broomfield, CO 80020                                                                 303-955-8064

Monday - Friday  10am-6pm


2150 W. 6th Avenue  Suite E

Broomfield, CO 80020

Emily Stevenson - Emily is the welcoming committee for anyone who walks in the door.  Brian has also crowned her the ‘organizer’ of the shop tools.

Sawyer - Sawyer is the official mascot of Rocky Mountain Music Repair.  He will greet you and beg for a pat on the head;  he is the sweetest dog!

Emily Stevenson, Tool Organizer of Rocky Mountain Music Repair - Broomfield, Colorado Sawyer at Rocky Mountain Music Repair - Broomfield, Colorado

Deanna Stevenson - Deanna has always had a love for music, ever since she started playing the clarinet in middle school.  She attended Arizona State University to become a band director and now holds a Colorado State teaching license in the field of music.   She has extensive experience in customer service and can always help you find what you need.   She enjoys playing in community bands, drinking Brian’s homebrew, running & hiking.  Deanna is also a  member of Kappa Kappa Psi.

Deanna Stevenson, Owner of Rocky Mountain Music Repair - Broomfield, Colorado Brian Stevenson, Owner of Rocky Mountain Music Repair - Broomfield, Colorado

Brian Stevenson - Brian has been a lifelong lover of music & repairing. He is a Euphonium player, but has been know to play trombone in Ska bands, cornet in Dixie combos and tenor horn in British brass bands.  Brian began learning to repair instruments while living in Arizona.  He then moved to Colorado where  he was the head woodwind technician and shop manager for an instrument repair school.  He opened Rocky Mountain Music Repair in January 2013, in order to work closer with the community.  Brian is an accomplished repair technician in woodwind, brass, orchestral strings and percussion instruments. In his free time, Brian likes playing disc golf, playing in community bands, homebrewing, and playing board games.  He is a member of Kappa Kappa Psi (National band service fraternity) and NAPBIRT (the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians).  Brian can often be bribed with baked goods and good beers.

Thank you for visiting our site.  We think you’ll find Rocky Mountain Music Repair to be a little different than most music stores.  We are passionate about keeping kids in music, and strive to do all we can to ensure that every child who wants to play music, can have the opportunity to do so.  We always put the needs of the student above all else.  We will always be honest about the repairs, and honest about the quality and condition of your instrument.  We appreciate you visiting our site and look forward to being your source for everything band and orchestra.

Corey Golon- Corey is a fifth generation Coloradan, who grew up in the Broomfield/Westminster area, and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a bachelors degree in Music Methods and Pedagogy emphasizing in saxophone.  He also plays the Bass Guitar in a local band, Redline Alchemy. He is very excited to be able to help & work with local schools and musicians to pass on his love of music.